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Spire Intranet wins Gold
The 2020 global Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards

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We’d like to congratulate Brisbane Catholic Education on their Spire intranet winning a Gold award in this year’s global Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards. Folk worked with the team at BCE to design an identity and experience that supports teachers, school leaders and administrators in their important work, as well as supporting the organisation’s strategic goals.    

View the winning entry here

Excerpt from the awards site: 
These awards uncover remarkable solutions that deliver business value, and then share them with the wider community. We also shine a light on the talented teams behind this work, and the agencies that have supported them. 
Now in their 14th year, Over 150 trophies have been awarded, to winners from 18 countries. Winners range from small non-profits and government agencies, to global firms and household names. 

These Awards give teams the global recognition they deserve. 

It’s always a great feeling to have work recognised, particularly when it is among such impressive company. Even better is the important role the new SharePoint Online intranet played in successfully supporting teachers and other staff through the recent COVID-19 school shutdown.  

It’s a great achievement for the team at BCE and great recognition of the hard work that has gone into getting Spire to where it is today. 

It was particularly nice to see the judges calling out the alignment between the new intranet and BCE’s wider strategic goals, and the creation of the Design System.   

Folk worked alongside BCE to establish foundations that are fit for the future and could be built upon when creating digital products. We developed a digital design system to support the brand vision and the strategic product development roadmap. 

For more information on the work we did on the Design System read our Case study

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