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Breaking barriers
SANE’s guided digital service reaches thousands in critical need of mental health support

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After one year, SANE’s digital service has shown remarkable impact – revealing the need for comprehensive mental health services.

It‘s been a little over 18 months since we wrapped up our collaboration with SANE on their groundbreaking guided digital service for people dealing with complex mental health challenges. Towards the end of 2023 CEO Rachel Green shared the first year results and learnings which really highlighted the ongoing need for this style of service.

In its first year of operating, the digital service has had a profound impact on the lives of those who need it most with nearly 4,000 people referred or self-referring into the service. It‘s disheartening to hear that 28% of those accessing the SANE service revealed that their GP is their sole source of mental health support – this shows the critical need for this type of digital support service, especially when 60% of those individuals are managing two or more mental health conditions.

Since the service was launched, an impressive 12,000+ appointments were completed, including 1,372 one-on-one counselling and peer support sessions. The transformative effects of this digital service are undeniable, as participants have reported tangible improvements in their quality of life, personal confidence, hope, and their willingness to seek help.

The introduction of SANE's guided service represents a significant milestone in the Australian mental health landscape. By providing free, comprehensive, and tailored support, SANE is pioneering a holistic approach to mental health care that prioritises supporting individuals and helps to fill gaps in the current system. 

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SANE is currently providing support to people in 13 PHN areas across Australia and is hoping to expand nationally in the near future. The impact that SANE has made in just over 18 months is remarkable, and their focus on the future ensures that more individuals will benefit from their pioneering approach to mental health care.

We’re so proud to have collaborated with SANE on this important project. You can read more about our role in the project in our case study.

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Written by:
Louise Helliwell,
Experience Design Director