Cooking for a Cause with OzHarvest
A socially responsible Folk social

Ozharvest Journal

Folk was invited by OzHarvest to participate in one of their Cooking for a Cause evenings.

Cooking for a Cause is a hands-on cooking class that transforms all‑rescued food into restaurant-quality meals, delivered to various charity agencies for distribution. We were only too happy to don a yellow apron and help.

Last year, Folk created the campaign identity and messaging for OzHarvest’s Fight Food Waste campaign. See the Fight Food Waste website, and our work on the journal post.

While disheartening to see so much perfectly good food otherwise destined for landfill, highlights of the evening included:

  • Learning how to properly peel ginger (HINT: it’s with a teaspoon!) and Managing Director Michael spending the rest of the night in awe of this newfound knowledge.
  • Witnessing the passion and patience of the OzHarvest chefs and volunteers.
  • The freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine that dispensed into biodegradable cups that we all just had to try. (It was just really cool, okay?)
  • Making 208 meal servings! And labelling each tray knowing it was going to someone who really needed it.

We were lucky enough to conduct our own ‘quality control’ (read: eat) of food once the cooking, boxing and labelling was done. Not a morsel was left. Not hard, really. A hearty evening was had by all.

A huge thank you to OzHarvest.

You can find out more about OzHarvest Cooking for a Cause.

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