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Curly comes home
The second-hand excitement is high for our client, Code Barrel, as Atlassian’s most recent acquisition


A massive congratulations is in order for our clients Nick Menere and Andreas Knecht, and the team at Code Barrel, for their huge win last week.

And it’s a big folk’in deal.

Tech giant Atlassian announced last Friday that they had acquired our good friends, Code Barrel – makers of Automation for Jira (AFJ), and custodian of Folk’s favourite code character: Curly.

Folk worked with Code Barrel to build the Automation for Jira brand in 2018, and have since worked with their team to prod, poke, stretch, develop and celebrate the brand across multiple tech summits.

Now, the brand’s headed home.

Menere and Knecht are two of the first engineers who built Jira at Atlassian, the software that Automation for Jira has simplified and automated for over 6,000 companies with their no-code approach. On returning ‘home’ to Atlassian after four years as a start-up Menere says, “For us, this was the only company we would ever go back to.”

The acquisition has made 2019 one of Atlassian’s most acquisitive years on record. Congrats again to the team at Code Barrel! We’re proud to have been part of the journey so far and are keen as to see what happens next.

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