Maddy and Graham talk for AGDA at The Distillery
AGDA’s ‘Where To From Here’ is an opportunity for final year students and recent grads to have their most pressing questions, about entering the industry, answered. Folk were delighted to be invited to speak

01 HEADER AGDA Mad Gra 2020

Speaking in pairs – a senior designer type and a younger, fresher (better) designer – three consultancies address three points of the greater discussion. The presentations covered: what is expected from a CV and portfolio; freelancing versus studio work; how to keep busy in-between uni/college and a job; and thoughts and advice on internships.

Folk’s freshest-faced Designer Maddy De-Sanctis, and our rather-less-so-faced Creative Director Graham Barton, stepped up. It was Maddy’s first speaking gig – not that you’d have known – and their prepared and rehearsed shared 15-minute talk went without a hitch (despite the latter’s bad back. Bless.).

Maddy and Graham shared the stage (and mics) with Chris Doyle and Stephen Grace, from Christopher Doyle & Co, in the end-of-evening’s Q&A.

It was a fun and hopefully informative night for all. Maddy’s Mum could not have been prouder (pictured below with fellow Folk designers Gui and JP).

02 CONTENT AGDA Mad Gra 2020

03 CONTENT AGDA Mad Gra 2020

04 CONTENT AGDA Mad Gra 2020

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