Unpacking Plastic Free July
Getting out of it what we put in

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Thank you and well done to all – including everyone at Folk – for their efforts this Plastic Free July.

A month ago we decided to do our bit in the War On Waste – inspired by the ABC program of the same name. As a company, we aimed to refuse or re-use as many single-use plastic bags, cups, and containers as possible.

And while we were at it, encouraged clients and associates to do the same – with our very own shopper bag.

The response was very warm and very welcome.

“…a very big thank you for my ‘refuse or re-use’ shopper bag.  It is proudly being used by the whole family.”

“What an awesome bag thank you – I will refuse plastic and use it lots!”

And we were chuffed to receive this from Oz Harvest founder, Ronni Khan, “Thank you so much. Great idea!!!!!”. Thank you Ronni.

In total, we estimate the 25-odd of us here at Folk refused or re-used close to 800 single-use plastic bags, cups and containers. What’s that…? (Calculator.) Eight items each per week. Give or take.

And now? We carry on. It’s in our hands.

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