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Brisbane Catholic Education

Design System

With 75,000 students in 142 Schools supported by 11,500 staff, Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) is a learning community that provides quality teaching and learning outcomes from Prep to Year 12. Like many education providers, BCE has a large and complex portfolio of systems and tools to support students, parents, teachers and staff.

A gap around UX/UI guidelines had led to disparate, inconsistent user experience and reinvention and inefficiency in the UX, design and development stages of web and mobile application development.


Digital transformation
Product design
Visual identity

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What we did
Folk was engaged as a design consultancy to create an enterprise design system for BCE digital products and services with the ultimate goal of improving student learning outcomes.

To achieve a future state solution, we knew how important it was to work closely with BCE delivery teams to understand how the as-is design tools and product experiences aligned and supported the organisation’s strategic vision.

Through consultation and workshops we are able create a shared understanding of the key systems and the associated gaps, opportunities and user pain points.

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Folk worked alongside with BCE’s internal team to establish foundations that are fit for the future and could be built upon when creating digital products.

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We developed a digital design system to support the brand vision and the strategic product development roadmap.

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The BCE design system is a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications.

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We designed and delivered a digital design system for BCE’s design and development teams to efficiently create engaging, trusted experiences.

The design system supports coherent design and development of the following use cases:

_ Public Websites
_ SharePoint Online
_ Bespoke Applications
_ SAAS applications

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