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Building a lasting future

Deloitte Consulting is the leading and largest consulting firm of its kind. Its offer and service offerings are second to none.

Audiences hear what they see, however. How it presented that position did not reflect its standing. Its suite of offerings appeared disconnected and everyday. Ordinary, not extraordinary. Following, not leading.

A new strategic approach to its service offerings required a new creative expression, befitting its global stature.

As such, Deloitte asked us to create a distinct and consistent suite of icons for all its new Offerings Model.

In total, we created 26 icons: one Hero; five Portfolio; and 18 Offerings.

‘Building a lasting future’, was the organising idea behind the Consulting offer.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
3D modelling

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Each Portfolio of Offerings was assigned one of five timeless and enduring materials: marble, glass, sandstone, wood and copper.

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The hyper, photo-realistic execution allows the idea – and each of the five materials – to shine (figuratively and literally) against both black and white backgrounds.

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The literal Offering titles required lateral representations. The result is a collection of striking, often beautiful, abstract physical forms – all executed within Deloitte’s signature circle motif.

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The Hero image (of five materials) and each Portfolio image needed to incorporate its ‘title’, then translated into five languages, providing a system for future imagery.

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The imagery was developed and produced in collaboration with Armchair Productions.

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