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Department of Health

health.gov.au digital transformation

The Commonwealth Department of Health asked Folk to help it transform its on-line presence to a consolidated, comprehensive and future-focused digital offering, in line with the Government’s transformation agenda.

Working together with the transition team, Folk employed a human-centred design approach to respond to the needs and challenges of diverse stakeholders. The design needed to address the multitude of interactions and relationships that any user could have with Health, for whatever reason, and at any point in time.


Product design
Research and strategy

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Activities included:

  • Desktop research: analysis and review of 120+ digital assets including content audit and analytics;
    User research: Interviews and workshops with large groups of internal stakeholders; in-depth user research with diverse audiences (including consumers, health professionals, service providers and industry); online survey of website owners and teams;
  • Future state proposition: Digital transformation strategy including a rationalisation strategy for more than 170 public-facing websites;
  • Prototyping and testing: user concept testing;
  • Detailed design: Experience design foundations and detail product design; and
  • Launch and ongoing: Beta to Live strategy, including assistance with transition to BAU; ongoing program of user testing and optimisation.

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