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Griffith Hack

Redefining leadership in IP services


It had become clear that the competitive advantages that made Griffith Hack a leading Australian firm in intellectual property (IP) was not going to be what made it successful in the future. The market and industry had moved on. To once again step back into a leading position the firm needed to carve out a new direction.

The challenge

With a new Managing Director set to make some bold moves with the firm, defining the brand was a critical element in shaping how the firm created distinctive value for clients. IP firms tend to measure leadership by volume of work. For Griffith Hack being a leader was about using IP to fuel business performance and rethinking the traditional service experience for clients with technology.

To signal change internally and externally the firm needed to represent being results driven, seamless and responsive. Targeted impact.


Brand Strategy
Brand identity

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As the new narrative emerged for the firm, injecting a sense of presence, precision and focus into the brand identity was essential.

Folk developed a new visual language that intentionally broke away from the traditional IP firm convention to project their refreshed attitude and reinstate the boldness that was under the hood.

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Building on the firm’s new direction, the website was an increasingly important business development asset that needed to perform better and project their new image.

The website needed to balance the ability for some visitors to find information or attorneys related to some very specific, niche areas of science or technology (like heat transfer units) with the ability to move others quickly to find what they need in services. At the same time we injected more of the ‘targeted impact’ proposition into the user journey. As a front door for the firm it now matches the pitch with reality.

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