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NSW Electoral Commission

Every interaction counts

The New South Wales Electoral Commission (NSWEC) exists to deliver democracy in NSW and is justifiably proud of its record in running fair, independent and accessible elections.

That said, democratic processes and institutions around the world are facing a range of challenges including declining voter participation, particularly among young people, low trust in public institutions and increasing preferences for new methods of voting, including voting online.

To ensure the people of New South Wales continue to maintain their trust and confidence in our electoral system, NSWEC initiated a project with Folk as experience design specialists to transform the products, business systems, organisational design and technology which supports the digital presence for the NSWEC.


Digital transformation
Service and product design
Brand strategy

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Discovery and research activities included:

  • Conducting desktop research including site reviews, analytics, content audit and a review of exemplars. 
  • Consulting with internal and external stakeholders and audiences to clarify and prioritise business objectives and user needs.
  • Analysing and documenting research findings and recommendations, including personas and user journeys.

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Defining the future state

Based on our findings and insights we developed a future-state vision for the NSW Electoral Commission web presence.

A single point of access and source of truth for voting services and information.

Customer centric navigation and a better mobile experience.

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Bringing strategic focus to the brand

Through a brand clarification process we defined comprehensive guidelines to document the brand, its elements and their use.

Three goals that the brand needed to achieve:
1. Encourage participation
2. Maintain trust and confidence in integrity of the voting system
3. Create an internal north star that created alignment and encouraged collaborative ways of working.

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Digital design system

To ensure the website could evolve, a digital design system was developed.

An atomic design system was adopted and the core assets were broken down into three sections:

  • Foundation elements
  • Component elements
  • Patterns

Foundation elements

These are the core design elements that make up the NSW Electoral Commission visual identity.

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Component elements

Component elements are complex entities made from several foundation elements.

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Patterns are primary elements made from a number of foundation elements.

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