Valiantys: website redesign and build, following new brand expression

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Website redesign and build, following new brand expression


Valiantys is a global leader in Atlassian consultancy services that helps large and often complex organisations to digitise processes and modernise teamwork using Atlassian tools and platforms. 65 of the Fortune Global 500 have sought help from Valiantys in modernising their processes and approaches. 

The challenge

After completing a successful brand development project with Folk, Valiantys was keen to extend the new brand and messaging to its website.

Some of the challenges and considerations we faced as we undertook discovery activities to support the design and redevelopment of (see the old site here) included:

  • Working with an existing, established website with over a thousand pages in three different languages.
  • ‘Future-proofing’ the website for an ever-growing organisation (a number of acquisitions were made as the project was underway).
  • Upgrading the website in a way that organic search traffic would not be affected.
  • Collaborating with an international team and delivery partners.


Customer research
Brand strategy & identity
Motion design
User experience design

Taking a step back

To better understand the current state website and Valiantys’ objectives, Folk rolled our sleeves and got stuck in. We started with a technical discovery of platforms, an in-depth content audit and Google Analytics review, conducting interviews and workshops with internal stakeholders from across the business and external end-users, and defined user journeys for key personas to understand Valiantys’ current and prospective audiences. 

Some things we heard and learnt: 

  • The need for location-based content in order to demonstrate Valiantys’ regional expertise. 
  • The importance of maintaining salience of existing thought leadership posts in Google Search as they were a key driver for new leads.
  • Continuing to demonstrate Valiantys’ expertise and primary function as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.
  • Improving the functionality of the Resources section was important to accommodate new content types and a search engine.
  • Creating additional pathways across content to reduce bounce rates and improve engagement.
  • A key driver for the website was not only addressing prospective clients but also prospective talent in a competitive recruitment space.

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What we did

Gaining a solid understanding of the direction we needed to take, we developed and tested prototypes and a new information architecture, and set to work designing the new website.

We developed a design system and an inventory of over 50 components that sat across 15 different content types. The components provided a modular approach for both development of the website and flexibility in how content editors could ultimately create new content in the future.

  • A number of interactions were built into the designs to echo the brand values of ‘never stand still’ and ‘make every interaction remarkable’. 
  • Services (as opposed to tangible products) can often be difficult for customers to evaluate so we made sure to enhance and elevate content types essential in communicating the organisations ability to deliver; By showcasing existing clients, statistics and performance metrics, and producing succinct and impactful customer success stories and testimonials. 

We also worked with our content partner Editor Group to develop copy for new and existing pages of the website which were ultimately rolled out in English, French and German. 

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The build

In order to ensure that the website experienced no slouches in organic website traffic we decided to ‘reskin’ the website rather than starting from scratch, which required careful planning.

Working with our development partner Smokee, we compiled a comprehensive build plan that mapped all existing content types and components to the new assets that we had created in order to ensure that every facet of the existing website would undergo a visual transformation.

We then went through a process of defining end-user and editor requirements for each component, creating the HTML/CSS/JS and finally integrating the new code into the CMS.


The new website launched at the end of January, 2023 and provided a seamless upgrade to the new brand expression. It drives the brand values of talking straight, never standing still, always being mindful of what matters, and making every interaction remarkable.

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